Worship Better Together

fam-worship-cartoonThere’s something really beautiful about gathering with family and worshiping together. Growing up, I remember sitting in “big church” with my parents most Sundays. I was raised in a very small church, and we didn’t have the staff or resources to always do separate programs for children. So each Sunday our family filled a pew. I sang songs I didn’t fully understand. I listened to sermons and Scripture readings that went a bit over my head. I watched my parents and other adults worship.

I knew these people. They were my family.

This Easter we are inviting all of our families to worship together. This is an opportunity to see our church family at its finest. This weekend we will get to see everyone in their most natural state—mothers with crying babies, dads with preschoolers hanging on their legs, and then there’s the noise. The crying and talking, and even whining, remind me that this is family. It’s unfiltered and it’s beautiful.

I trust that this weekend will be very helpful for our children. It’s a chance for them to watch their church family worship. They will ask lots of questions about what they saw, learned and misunderstood.

My encouragement to us all this Easter is to savor it. Listen to the extra noises. Watch the children running around. Allow your heart to be blessed by the untidiness and unpredictability that is family. Let us think of it not as a distraction but as a reminder that as a church we are family. And, by the Lord’s grace, this will be a sweet time for families to worship together and will open the door to deeper conversations.

For an Easter Family Devotional to help you continue the conversation at home click here.

Adam Castenir, Children’s Pastor

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