Family Worship

Perhaps the idea of taking your kids with you into a worship service senfamilyworshipds fear through you – the thought of your child squirming in their seats or making too much noise. So why would we ask you to do this, and on Easter Sunday?

Each weekend, families come through the church doors and head off to their different areas of ministry: Preschoolers to their room, elementary-aged kids to their rooms, while their parents attend worship services with other adults.

There is a lot to be said for doing things this way. We do it for the same reason restaurants offer a kids menu. Most second graders just don’t need a rack of baby back ribs and would honestly prefer a smaller portion of chicken fingers. Dividing families up helps kids and adults receive ministry in environments where they can best be ministered to. Everyone is taught and ministered to in a manner that more accurately engages individual hearts and minds according to where each person is developmentally.

There are some inherent problems with this approach, though. When families are consistently broken up, they lose opportunities to worship together with the rest of the church family. Kids don’t get to watch their parents and other adults worship the Lord, and kids and parents hear different messages. This makes taking the conversation from church to home a challenge, and teaching opportunities are lost.

girl-prayingWith this in mind, we want to invite all of our families to join us for a family worship experience on Easter Sunday, with services in the Worship Center and the Family Life Center at 9, 10:15, and 11:30. On Easter Sunday, we will not have our normal children’s programs for children ages 3 and up. Instead, we encourage families with children of all ages to worship together in service. It will be a time for families to celebrate together.

Services will be oriented towards adults with the awareness that kids are in the room. In doing this, we hope to provide an environment where kids and adults will hear the same message, participate in the same activities and worship together. By the Lord’s grace, this will be a sweet time for families to worship together and will open the door to deeper conversations.

For an Easter Family Devotional to help you continue the conversation at home click here.

Adam Castenir, Children’s Pastor

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