Man become God, God become Man? A poem of reflection on the birth of Christ

matthew2“Now the birth of Jesus Christ took place in this way.” Matthew 1:18

We can forget just how astounding this statement really is. God becomes a man who is born? God, in the person of Jesus Christ, will actually experience birth?

We should be astounded that such a mighty God can come as such a helpless babe! While not wanting to rush the Christmas season, teaching through Matthew on Sunday mornings brought me to ponder for a few moments the weight and majesty of this verse. Here is my attempt to order those reflections into a brief poem.

Man Become God, God Become Man

God holy, man lowly
God exalted, man exhausted
God eternal, man temporal
God all-knowing, man know-it-all
God reigns majesty, man toils futility
God surveys starry realms, man travails sodden helms

Two worlds collide
One lives, one died
Met together in a manger bed
To save a world already dead

What shall we say to such love as this?
Come, Lord Jesus, come, come and kiss
That mankind be made anew
All heaven and earth join in too

This Jesus Christ with outstretched hand
Constricts all evil’s withered plans
Reconciles a world unmanned
Man become God, God become man.
Daryl Pepper, Associate Pastor

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