Scooching Over as an Act of Worship! An FAQ with Jeff about the Coming 10:15 FLC Service

chairsWhen you’ve ever attended the 10:15 worship service at GHC, you’ve probably been asked to “scooch over” to make room for more worshipers, right?

Soon you 10:15 attenders will be asked to do a major scooch over–all the way to the Family Life Center (FLC).

This post allows us to catch up with Jeff Noel, GHC’s very own lead pastor, to do a little Q&A about this new service.

There’s another service coming to GHC. Where? When?
We are starting another worship service at 10:15 in the Family Life Center in the CORE youth worship area.

What is the first Sunday it will be available?
Sunday, September 13.

Why start this service?
Have you been to the 10:15 worship service? It’s more than a bit crowded and has been for about 2 years. This service allows us to make room for more worshipers! For many reasons, this is the worship service that most people choose to attend. If we do not make more room, some guests will simply not stay or just conclude that we are too big.

How are you going to preach in both places at the same time?
As much as I’d like to, I just can’t! The sermon will be displayed on a large screen in the FLC. It will be the exact same sermon preached in the other services.

What about the worship team?
The 10:15 FLC Service will enjoy their own worship team who will sing the exact same songs as the 10:15 service in the worship center. We have an amazing team of talented worship leaders who will alternate in which venue they lead.

Why not just add onto our current facility?
Millions vs. thousands. Our current worship center is designed for us to expand by making the fan shape even bigger by going toward the back parking lot. But, that comes with a big price tag for construction, carpet, chairs, sound & lighting, an entire new roof, retro-fitting sprinklers into all of the existing facility . . . can you hear the cha-chings?

What about student small groups on Sunday mornings?
They will still meet at 9 a.m., just like always.

How many people can attend the 10:15 FLC Worship Service?
We will have about 250 chairs in that venue. And, this brings up a huge way to serve! We are in great need of people with the gift of chairs. I’m not sure that’s in the New Testament, but the gift of hospitality is! We need a team of people to set up the chairs every Sunday morning and then to stack them after this service and set up the tables and chairs for Wednesday Night Alive—our mid-week youth celebration.

So we need people with the gift of chairs?!
Ha. Well, it really is a way to minister in a very real way. Imagine a new family registering their children, grabbing a cup of coffee, and then actually having space to worship and focus on the worship because some very kind people moved chairs!

What happens when this service gets too crowded?
We can simply start an 11:30 FLC Service! We already own all the technology and have the tools and know-how to make it happen.

Where else do you need help?

  • Greeters at the doors in the FLC
  • Greeters at the doors to the CORE to hand out bulletins
  • Servers for communion
  • Hosts for offering
  • Servant leaders to make coffee & serve in the FLC lobby
  • People to give technical help in our media ministry

If you’d like to help, call our office at 270-769-1808 and let Teri know how you’d like to jump in.  We will get you in contact with the right ministry leader.

Jeff Noel, Lead Pastor