Come Lord Jesus: a Sunday Morning Prayer

Lord Jesus,praying

Thank you, God of the universe, that you condescend to make yourself known to low-lying, undeserving sinners in words we may understand and comprehend. Amazed that You made Yourself known in the very expression of Your Son.

To this great God we plea: “Come, Lord Jesus.”  Until your grand entrance, grant us . . .

a quiet resolve to grow in the disciplines of grace,

a humble orthodoxy that transforms our hearts and minds,

a sweet savor to come, taste and see that you are good,

a soul desire for rewards in heaven,

a steady contentment in the simplicity of earthly needs met,

a growing dissatisfaction in worldly gain,

a delightful rejoicing in the celebration of the Spirit,

a considerate weeping with those who weep.

a holy restlessness when anywhere else but in Your presence,

a deep yearning for seeing you in heaven and for your promised return,

May we pray, “Come, Lord Jesus.”

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