Writing as Worship: crafting a psalm

psalm-writingAs we pursue the Psalms in a series this summer, “Worship Together, Focusing on Jesus,” we find that they are mostly written by King David. Other writers include Asaph, sons of Korah, Solomon, and Moses.

Q: Have you ever written a Psalm?  No? That’s okay. Here’s why you might want to.

Let me be clear at the outset: you will not write a “Psalm.” Sorry, the Scriptures are written–signed, sealed, delivered (Hebrews 1:2).

But, you can write a psalm–really!

A psalm is simply a song to the Lord. And because I am now reaching beyond my creative abilities, I’d like to introduce a friend, sister in Christ, and enthusiastic worshiper, Iris Heeter.

As Iris reads and meditates upon the glory of Scriptures, she will then write out her heart in prayer to her Savior. These pieces now fill a 3-ring binder which I was recently given access to.

Recently we covered copying Scripture as an act of worship. Here, we cover writing out prayers, crafted in prose and poetry, as worship.  Thank you, Iris, for these gorgeous songs.


Your goodness is overwhelming
Your kindness leaves me
choking back
tears of gratitude

Fill me, Lord,
fill me to overflowing
every nook
every cranny
nothing but You

May my countenance
resemble Yours
may I walk daily
in the knowledge of
Your sacrifice

Resting assured of Your love
Soaring on the wings of
Your victory.

GHC, November 2, 2014, ©Iris Heeter

Oh Jesus,

We worship You
we glorify You
You alone are worthy
You alone are holy

There is no other

We adore You
You alone are awesome

You take our breath away
You fill our hearts
with eternal gratitude
Your grace abounds
Your mercy is unending

Fill us, Lord,
Let us be Your vessels.

Grace Heartland Church, August 24, 2014, ©Iris Heeter, 2014

Pour me out, Lord
Let me be a drink offering
Use my life for Your glory

Let Your light shine brightly through me
Let others see my Lord and Savior in me
Let me be about Your work

I yearn to glorify You
Laying down my ego for You
Letting go of my pride
Making my heart Your home

That I may walk in Your footsteps
That Your words may be my sustenance
That Your Spirit may fill my soul

That You may be my everything.

February 9, 2014 ©Iris Heeter, 2014

Want to write out your own psalm/song? Go ahead. God’s blessings. Send a copy to Iris and me.

Author credit tag detail: this blog written mostly by Iris Heeter with just a little help from Daryl Pepper


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