Writing as Worship & Worship by Writing

Struggle to pay attention in personal worship?journal_pen

Or, maybe you just want a new way to worship?

Try this: write your way to worship.  I recently asked a group of mature Christian adults: What are some of the best Bible study tools?  They listed a study Bible, concordance, commentaries, Bible dictionary, maybe some software?

But sometimes we overlook the simple tools–pen & paper. Yep. Two of the best Bible Study tools. Ever.

So, if you’re struggling to pay attention while having a devotion. Or, you just want a change-up in how you pursue God, try writing.  Here are a few suggestions.

Copy Scripture.

That’s just what it looks like. Open the Word, find a chapter, copy. Writing Scripture word for word engages other senses–hand and eye join heart and soul. This easy-way to engage with Scripture slows down the quick read, forcing you to pay attention to words, structure, order. It will allow you to see descriptions and begin to ask questions.

As prayer naturally follows Scripture reading (or copying or both), feel free to write out your prayers in response to what God is saying.

Beyond the basics.

Sure, you can use the basic logo-stamped ball point pen rescued from the kitchen counter and some notebook paper.  That works. But, if you try this a few times and like it, why not add some style and art to your writing?

My wife prefers a crisp, sharp No. 2 lead pencil with angled sides, not round. For me, nothing beats a fountain pen–and if it’s a family piece or one I picked up cheap in an antique store and rehabed, even better.

Then, there’s the paper–I like a journal with a leather cover and quality paper with lines.  I’ve seen the more free-spirited among us using brightly colored pens and unlined paper. Highly unstructured, but very artsy!

Something about the italic nib brushing bright blue ink over an ivory page slows me down, gets me out of the digital zoo and focuses, at least to some degree, my distracted soul. Perhaps it allows my inner-artist some fleeting release?

Want to try it?

I hope so. Open to Psalm 1. Copy it entirely, word for glorious word. Then, look at it again. Reflect. Ask good questions. Pray as you reflect. Jot down some of your prayers.

Be careful!

There’s more to you than you think. Here’s what I mean–you may well find that this way of engaging with the Lord brings things to the surface you did not know were there. The Lord uses this process to affirm what He is doing in your life. He can also convict, correct, and instruct as well as encourage.  He will free your soul to worship.

And in the worship we glorify Him. So, try writing out some Scripture word for word. If this works for you in a Psalm or two, try tackling an entire book–many of the letters in the New Testament are just a few chapters.

Let me know how it goes.

Daryl Pepper, journal junkie, fountain pen lover


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