Worship: Living Vertically

Welcome to 2015—the Year of Worship at Grace Heartland Church! What better way to start off a new year than with a blog? Every. Day. Worship. is just what it says—a way to help infuse worship into our everyday lives.

Our theme for 2015, “Worship: Living Vertically” flows from the understanding that God creates within us something beyond this life. He gives us a desire for eternity says the writer of Ecclesiastes. Some refer to this as our need for transcendence. We live in this realm of the physical world, but we long for something more. We innately know there is a God who is to be . . . worshiped.

As 2014 closes, news stories are filled with the “best of” and “worst of” lists. These stories read like a Who’s Who of celebrities from Hollywood, athletics, and fashion. These stars receive unimaginable worship from others—often leading to lives that implode into seclusion.

We were designed to worship. We need to worship. We find peace and contentment when we worship. When we seek to be the object of someone else’s worship, it ends in disaster.

Mankind is made to give worship, not to receive it. Sin began when Satan desired to be the object of worship rather than give worship to the Father. That pattern repeats itself in each of us as we seek to be the Lord of our own lives rather than submit to the Lordship of the King. Submission and recognition of Jesus as the King is the beginning of worship.

Every human being that walks the face of the earth deals with the subject of worship. The struggle with worship is its place in our lives. We either take the same path as Satan and seek to be the object of others’ worship, or we spend our lives seeking the person or thing that deserves our worship. Even if people do not recognize their struggle with worship, they demonstrate their innate desire to worship by what they give ultimate value to in life.

So what is the healthy response to the subject of worship? We look forward to mining the deep reserves of the subject of worship this year at Grace Heartland Church.

Worship: Living Vertically is the beginning and the life pursuit of seeking the presence of God. Worship is the practice of living everyday in His presence and in a way that honors that presence. Worship is not just about this life; it is the practice of heaven. Worship in this life is experiencing a glimpse of the complete transformation we will have when we are in the presence of the King for eternity!

There is a great deal to learn about worship and I look forward to our journey and to our discovery. Worship . . . living vertically.