A Marvelous Light!

I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in the darkness. John 12:46

Charlie Hall wrote the worship song, “Marvelous Light” which was popular around 2009. One Sunday while singing that song I began to envision a distant light coming towards the earth, growing as it moved closer. But then I realized: “No, this is not it. God is much bigger than an advancing light from a great distance. The light of God’s presence is so immense, so powerful, and so marvelous, that it immediately dispels ALL darkness in its wake. Surely He is withholding His marvelous light from our presence because the universe is completely dark?”

I recall the horrible ice storm that hit in February 2009 and the many dark evenings we struggled to function with flashlights and candles. At first, these small beams were terribly insufficient since we were used to more powerful lights. As time went on, we became accustomed to the soft glow and we learned to appreciate these lesser lights. Then, the electricity came back on . . . WOW! Instead of small, directional rays that only lit the path of the beam, we now enjoyed a flood of light from all sides that dispelled all the darkness!

Then it struck me, this is the current state of things in the universe—the Sun in all its brilliance is only a flashlight. It is a directional beam that gives light to what is in its path. When compared to God, it is only a flashlight. When Christ returns . . . BOOM! The light of the universe will be switched on and ALL darkness will be gone! The universe will be illuminated by His presence. The darkness of the universe will cease to exist—it will be filled with the all-consuming light of Christ.

We don’t sing the song “Marvelous Light” much these days but I will never think about the concept of the marvelous light of Christ in the same way. I long for the day that the darkness is dispelled and the light of the world shines His Marvelous light into the dark expanse of the universe.

Until that day, our worship allows His glory to shine in the darkness. People are then drawn into the marvelous light of His grace so that no one should stay in the darkness.

Jeff Noel, Lead Pastor